Cameron Reid is the Chair for Wick Youth Club (currently developing into Wick Community Hub). He was 18 when he started in the role in August 2013, and he has now been a Member of the Board for over 5 years.

How has your trustee role benefited your professional development?

Being a trustee, particularly of a social enterprise, has given me the opportunity to better connect with our community. Taking a key role within the organisation has empowered me through developing my skills, particularly in strategy development, and supporting volunteers and staff. This has given me a wealth of experience to draw upon for professional development. A lot of the experience developed as a trustee I have been able to develop further in my career. I would not have had the confidence, experience, or skills required for my role if it was not for my trustee role.

How do you balance your trustee role with other commitments?

I balance my trustee role with other commitments through blending them altogether so when I am working on one commitment then I can apply my interest, skills, and experience developed to my trustee role and vice versa. I commit myself to things that I know will develop me as a person further and, in turn, develop my other commitments as well. This does not only lead to shared knowledge and skills, through me, which will benefit the organisations, causes, and projects I have committed myself to, but it builds and widens my network also giving me the opportunity to connect other organisations and projects to their benefit also.

Why should an organisation consider appointing a young trustee?

I think an organisation should consider appointing a young trustee because giving a young person the opportunity to become a trustee not only enhances their personal and professional development, but it can allow organisations to get a fresh perspective on their projects, challenges faced, and often offer alternative solutions. In the same way an internship or graduate scheme can help bring fresh talent into an organisation, appointing a young trustee can give the next and future generations the ability to participate in the decision-making of an organisation.

What advice would you give to other young people considering becoming a trustee?

Being a trustee can bring a great sense of fulfilment and challenge. It can be a great way to enhance your personal and professional development. If you have doubts about what you can bring, especially in comparison to the other trustees, then speak to the current trustees about what skills the current board lacks and then see where you can fit in your existing skills and experience, or something you are particularly interested in developing.

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